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Realizing the All-IP Migration!

The rapid evolution of mobile technology and the deployment of HSPA+/LTE solutions with Ethernet connectivity impose the transformation of backhaul networks to all-IP, making the need for packet-based transport eminent. Fully packet-based MW backhaul solutions of low cost-per-bit is the safest investment for the future.

The OmniBAS™ family of Next Generation packet MW products comprises cost-optimized nodes and solutions in split-mount configuration (OmniBAS™-2W, OmniBAS™-4W , OmniBAS™-8W) and in all-outdoor configuration (OmniBAS™-XR). The OmniBAS™ product family offers unique deployment flexibility, excessive capacity and cutting-edge functionality.

The advanced radio and packet networking features assure bandwidth optimization, carrier-class service delivery and highest possible availability. The line rate per link can be up to 500 Mbit/s (1,000 Mbit/s with XPIC) over a single 56 MHz channel, while a single 1RU (2RU) unit is capable to support up to four (eight) links. Advanced IP packet optimization techniques increase throughput even further.

OmniBAS™ is the ideal solution for backhauling Next Generation mobile networks and for connecting corporate customers with sophisticated Ethernet services. Mobile operators can evolve and smoothly migrate their 2G / 3G backhaul networks to all-IP, while paving the way toward LTE architectures. Sophisticated connectivity services and revenue-generating Value-Added Services can thus be deployed without additional expenditures.

OmniBAS™ delivers legacy TDM / SDH services seamlessly with Pseudo-Wires (PWE), enabling the unified transport, efficient handling of all traffic flows and the optimum utilization of legacy transmission networks.

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  • Future-proof solution for LTE capacity & functionality requirements.
  • Ready for the all-IP world - single technology investment for current and future backhaul needs.
  • Lower cost-per-bit compared to PDH/SDH systems.
  • Ideal for all network segments: last-mile, aggregation, nodal hubs and ring configurations.
  • Powerful end-to-end service & network management facilitating network operation and maintenance.
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